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RELISH VOL. 1 San Francisco Bay Area

$10.00 / Sold Out

Couldn't make it to San Francisco for the show? We got you!

RELISH is our second magazine which features a group of artists in a specific city or group of cities. The magazine is followed by a huge group gallery show and mural project in that city.

VOL. 1 we featured 38 artists from the San Francisco Bay Area:

Ricky Watts
Katie Lovecraft
Sam Rodriguez
Benê Fabio
Luci Crystal
Matt Luckhurst
Laura Aitken
David Flick
Ryan De La Hoz
Drew Roulette
Kristen Brown
Daniel J. Valadez
Polaroid Jay
Mary Finlayson
Jason Mitchell
Luis Tinoco
Beau B. Frank
Messy Beck
Chad Hasegawa
Hayden Senter
Orlie Kapitulink
David Morritt
Meryl Pataky
Heather Day
Matt Nelson
Jeremiah Kille
Hans DeHaas
Chadwick Moore
Nina Wright
John Baunach
Lucya Koroleva
Brett Flanigan
Paula Lucia
Robert Dolgaard